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  • What we do ?

    The Newcomer Festival Berlin is a migrant and refugee culture festival. 

    From 10:00 to 18:00 The Re:Fugee:ca Bazaar of Styles and Skills provides space for refugees and initiatives to present themselves : food tables, market stand...
    At 19:00 we will present the "Newcomer Cabaret", with different performances from professional and non-professional artists in a cabaret format - musicians, dancers, rappers, everybody is welcome!

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    Location:Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi

    BAZAAR (Open Market) 11:00 - 18:00
    CABARET (Stage Show) 19:00 - 22:00
    Entry on donation

  • Join us for the Event !

    If you want to participate as a volunteer, or have a stand, just leave us a message !

  • Our food Market

    Food from ...

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    Refugee Streetfood

    Innovative Social Project with refugees in Berlin

    Refufee Streetfood is a social initiative that supports a food stalls that are mutually organized by Berliners and refugees. The goal is to bring refugees and host society into contact and facilitate a positive exchange between both sides.

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    Levante Gourmet

    Be optimistic and ambitious don`t give up, let the past and move toward the future

    Levante Gourmet is a group of Syrians, experienced Young men and women working together in Syrian catering business. They started a catering business in 2016, and serving all kind of events .

    Malakeh Jazmati: is Our syrian main chef , worked in Syrian channel in Jordan as a reporter and has a cook show called (Queen of cooking)

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    'Bantabaa' means 'meeting point' in the West African Mandinka language,

    Bantabaa e.V. is committed to a holistic support and integration of fugitives. Sustainable integration involves work and jobs, but these are missing. For this reason the training project Bantabaa FoodDealer was conceived and a social catering company was founded. The project aims to qualify refugees for jobs in the catering sector and to create long-term jobs in the catering business. The goal is that fugitives can take their own future into their own hands by opening up career prospects.

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    With every drink you support
    local refugees' projects.

    They make delicious marzipause for drinking, sharing, mixing - and even for standing: their chic labels are more than just a drink!

    For every bottle sold, a fixed amount as well as 100% of the profits go to projects that insist on human rights asylum and are committed to the social and economic participation of Ankommern.

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    Other organisations

    Local food to support refugees.

    Jabuti Community Food & Somali Community Food

  • Our Open Market

    Bazaar : Activities & Things, and more...

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    Become a TeachSurfer and join us in an effort to make a difference.

    TeachSurfing.org : TeachSurfing enables newcomers, locals, and travelers to exchange their knowledge and culture worldwide.

    In Germany we connect refugees and locals by enabling them to exchange their knowledge over workshops and talks. So far we supported over 30 newcomers to offer Arabic and Farsi language workshops and cultural talks to Berliners. On the other hand Berliners offered photography, painting, web development, and German culture talks for refugees. We plan to gradually increase the amount of workshops to further facilitate interaction between refugees and locals.

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    Refugee Academy

    Education is the key to successful integration

    They create a free, motivating and inspiring learning environment. They teach everyone independent of their age, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation. Their curriculum includes complex scientific topics such as mathematics, digital and mechanical skills as well as introductions to the humanities including history and political education.

    Artistic projects as well as sports complete our programs.

    German and English.

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    Open Art Shelter

    Never forget when you came from. Do not let anybody make you feel that to find new home you need to disappear in the crowd of locals. We need uniqueness of each of us to build more beautiful world.

    The GSBTB Open Art Shelter is a safe and creative space for the free expression of emotions and thoughts, intercultural dialogue and trauma healing. Art, craft, music, theatre, dance, storytelling and literature are applied to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, foster peace of mind and peace between people.

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    Voix des Migrants

    Trésor _ Voix des Migrants


    Voix des Migrants is an association which supports migrants & refugees from Africa. They are presents in Morocco, Mali, Cameroun but also in Europe (France & Germany).

    They are supporting politics & education programs, doing communication about atrocities that happening in Africa...

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    Pass The Crayon

    Pass the crayon is a collaborative project for art workshops with refugee kids in Berlin


    Pass The Crayon organizes art workshops for refugee children with the help of regular Berliners. The goal of the project is to offer children a safe space to express themselves, use their imagination, and be treated like any other kids. Since 2015 volunteers and artists have brought activities like drawing, crafts, theater, gardening, music, and dancing to refugee centers around Berlin.

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    No Stress Tour

    Cultural events, Sport activities, Empowerment workshops, Community building


     No Stress Tour is a refugee project to support refugees & migrants and help them to reduce their stress. They are organizing different culturel events, activities for kids & workshops about Education & Rights for refugees.

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    Nrra Afla : African Streetwear

    Designer : Salim Salim


    Nrra Afla was founded in 2015 in Berlin. It is designed and handmade streetwear in the Sahara style by the stylist Salim Salim. The website: http://nrraafla.tumblr.com/

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    More activities & things with

    Games, lessons, photos...


    Activities and Things with:
    Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V., Knitted Goods by Arwa, Box66, Creation, not frustration

    Information about

  • Our Cabaret

    Open Stage : Dance, Theater, Rap...

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    Improvisation Theater

    Afrika theater

    Afrika-in-Berlin is a group of friends, mainly from West-Africa, that got together over a year ago. Starting from weekly improvisation trainings with the former Oranienplatz activists in Gitschiner15, a core group united and formed Afrika in Berlin.
    Combining dance, music, physical theatre and text, Afrika in Berlin gives its audience an idea about what it is like to be African in Berlin. From the journey to get here in the first place to daily life encounters in the U-Bahn, and from small and moving love stories to the saddening experiences of racism in the city, the actors offer a small glimpse into all the different elements of their lives.

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    Storytelling Arena - Berlin

    Education is the key to successful integration

    Storytelling Arena - Berlin is a storytelling evening, curated and hosted by Scottish storyteller Rachel Clarke, which has been taking place in Berlin once a month since January 2015. Since the beginning of 2016, we have been staging the Syrian Series with storytellers from Syria, who now live in Berlin and Brandenburg.
    The stories are told in TANDEM - Arabic-English and Arabic-German.

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    Open Stage with great artists...

    Khaled (Guitar), Mazzaj Rap Band-Syria, lis:sanga dance company, Taha and ولادالعم wladalamm (HipHop), Global New Generation (Music), Innocent (Reading), Adi (Elektronik Beats), Nelson Oyedeji(Rap)